The Dirty Kobold: Episode 1

Written By:  Ague 2015-04-18 14:44:00

You can listen to the audio version as well. You can also download it to your favorite mobile device and listen to on the go!

YourDDO 3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway Poll

Written By:  Ague Mort 2014-12-01 00:00:00

Alrighty DDo'ers. The time has come. Here is the official poll for Part 1 of the YourDDO 3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway. Please vote for which song you feel is your favorite. The Top 10 songs will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing for a chance to win a butt load of TP. I won't publish the exact amount just yet, because I'm waiting to see if Turbine does a point promo before the holidays. I'm trying to maximize the amount of points given away if possible.


New Tool in the Works

Written By:  Ague 2014-11-14 15:25:00

So after talking with some DDO peeps on Ghallanda (shout out specifically to Birog), I have decided to start work on a brand new, shiny tool for YourDDO. For now, I'm going to keep the concept of it under wraps while I compile all the data (and, yes there is going to be a lot of data to compile!!), but I expect to have more publicly ready information by Christmas time or so. But don't fret... I will also be updating the Greensteel and Ring planners with images of ingredients and such. More to follow soon.

~~ Ague Mort

DDO API Currently Down

Written By:  Ague 2013-11-24 00:00:00

Heya DDO'ers... Looks like the API is currently down for maintenance, and has been mdown for a couple days now. Thanks to those of you who sent me emails letting me know that the Character Planner isn't working. I'm currently awaiting for some sort of answer from Turbine to see what the issue is with the API and if I can get an ETA on it's return. Stay tuned.